Professional Reflective Practice Training Groups:

We offer reflective practice training groups for professionals working with infants, children, adolescents, young adults, families, and other child professionals.  While mental health challenges were on the rise prior to the pandemic, the last few years has only served to increase the difficulties, both exposing on-going challenges and presenting new issues. 

Professionals have been called upon in ways both unprecedented and unexpected and rates of compromised well-being, burnout, and exhaustion are high.

Reflective practice offers to tools to understand, work with, and manage uncertainty, mental health challenges in our professional space, and the unknowns while importantly supporting professional well-being. 

ICFC groups are tailored for medical professionals, early interventionists, educators, mental health professionals, allied health care providers, home visitors, and leaders in these fields as well as other professionals who work with or for children and families.

Groups can be arranged weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly and over a prescribed number of months, though we recommend a minimum of 6-9 months.  We also offer a two-part consultation that may be used as preparation for an on-going Reflective Practice Consultation group as well as a Reflective Practice Consultation group specifically for leadership.

Examples of Pricing are as follows:

  • Reflective Practice Consultation Group: Ongoing reflective training and consultation
    • Live Online: Groups may be Weekly, Bi-Weekly, Monthly or Other
    • $200 per hour per group. Groups not to exceed 10 people
    • Once Monthly group for 9 months -= $1,800.00
    • Bi-monthly group for 9 months = $3,600.00
    • Other arrangement may be tailored to individual organizations


  • Building a Reflective Professional Culture: Training for organizations wanting to begin the process of implement reflective practice into their system and routine.
    • Initial 1.5 hours of Live Online Training Discussion on Developing a Reflective Practice Professional Culture tailored to specific organizations
    • Follow Up Reflective Dialogue – a 1.5-hour training integration Reflective Consultation session; can be used as preparation for work in a Reflective Practice Consultation group
      • Training and consultation combined: $750.00 per group
    • Other arrangements may be tailored to individual organizations


  • Reflective Practice for Leaders and Administrators: Reflective Practice Training and Consultation specifically geared for leaders and administrators and the unique responsibilities and challenges they face.
    • Online Monthly for 9 months at $200.00/ hour per group = $1,800.00
    • Online Monthly for 9 months at $300.00/90 minutes per group = $2,700.00
    • Online Bi-Monthly for 9 months at $200.00/hour per group = $3,600.00
    • Online Bi-Monthly for 9 months at $300.00/90 minutes per group = $5,400.00

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