Nina Newman, PhD – Master Trainer

Dr. Newman is a licensed clinical psychologist with an extensive background in social emotional development, executive functions, neuropsychology, learning and attention difficulties relational-based therapy, and psycho-education as well as in multi and inter-disciplinary frameworks.

Dr. Newman has several years of experience running workshops for educators and parents as well as consulting with families and professionals.  She co-developed and is Lead for the Infant and Early Child Development with an emphasis in Mental Health (IECD) MA Program at Fielding Graduate University and is core faculty in the IECD PhD program. In addition, Dr. Newman is a research associate at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA), with over a decade of experience focused on psychiatric and behavioral outcomes after pediatric traumatic brain injury.  She has published on screen time use in infants and young children, autism, and pediatric traumatic brain injury.

Currently, she is a primary investigator on a research project focused on the effects of screen time on populations 0 to 8 years of age and their families and has a private consulting practice.

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Nina Newman, PHD

Ira Glovinsky, PhD – Master Trainer

Dr Glovinsky is a licensed psychologist with an extensive background in psychology and special education. He received a Ph.D. in Special Education with a specialty in emotional impairments in children after which he went on to receive his training and license in psychology.

He is an expert in Autism Spectrum Disorder and pediatric mood disorders. He is also certified in DIR, and Floortime. He was Academic Dean of the doctoral program for the Interdisciplinary Council on Development and Learning Disorders (ICDL) and worked with Dr. Stanley Greenspan for several years during which time he wrote and published two books with Dr. Stanley Greenspan on children with mood disorders and pediatric Bipolar Disorder and has published several articles on the these subject matters.

Dr. Glovinsky was Chair of the Child and Family Committee of the Michigan Psychological Association and Associate Editor of the Journal of Developmental Processes. In addition to consulting with schools, he currently has a private practice and was co-leader for the Infant and Early Childhood Development Program at Fielding Graduate University. He has done presentations and workshops both nationally and globally.

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Ira Glovinsky, PHD