To provide essential training for child professionals who work in schools, clinics, private offices, early intervention, care programs, and policy positions to improve the lives of infants, children and families, while supporting the improved quality of the child professionals’ lives.


We believe that by training professionals to support the development of those skills essential for healthy social emotional, brain, and cognitive development, self-regulation, executive functioning, and school readiness, we will facilitate healthy long-term term growth and success of infants, children and families as well as for the professionals with whom they work.


  1. To make evident how early relationships and development affect learning, emotional, regulatory, cognitive, and social abilities over the course of a lifetime.
  2. To link biological, relational, individual differences, and cultural development to school readiness, academic achievement, social functioning, and adult well-being.
  3. To develop interdisciplinary skills through guided training, which facilitate interventions across cultures, taking into account individual and group differences, when neurological, emotional, cognitive, academic, and behavioral development is derailed.
  4. To train child professionals in strategies to support regulatory abilities, reflective practice, mentalization and methods to better understand and manage behaviors.
  5. To support providers in developing their professional selves and their own reflective and executive capacities