These are foundational training series. While they do not need to be taken in any order, it is preferable to have a background in Social Emotional Development, if you do not start with Series 1.  Courses can be organized for teams or groups as well as individuals.

Any all and trainings can be tailored for specific needs, workshops on one specific week’s class or a combination of classes from different series. Please contact us for details including pricing.

The culturally informed, inter-professional Foundational series are as follows: 

ICFC Series 1 - Social Emotional Development, Relationships, Well-Being and Regulation

Week 1 – Introduction to Social Emotional Development, Multi-disciplinary and Inter-Disciplinary Approach

Week 2 – Attachment, Relationships and Brain Development

Week 3 – The Body

Week 4 – Individual Differences

Week 5 – Disruptive Behaviors: Safety, Trust, and Moving Forward

Week 6 – Working with Parents: Building skills from a Reflective Practice, Strength-Based Perspective

ICFC Series 2 - Mind, Body, and Brain: Temperament, the Sensory Systems, and the Impact on Development and Behavior

Week 1 – An Overview of how we Understand the Mind and Body

Week 2 – The Brain

Week 3 – Sensory Systems: What They Are, How They Work, and Why They’re Important

Week 4 – Interoception: What It Is, How It Works, and Why It’s Important to Behavior

Week 5 – Temperament: What We Mean by It, How We Understand, and How We Work with It

Week 6 – Integrating Mind, Body, and Brain: When It Works Well and When It’s Derailed

ICFC Series 3 - Stress and Trauma: Child, Family, and Professionals

Week 1 – What We Mean by Stress and Trauma

Week 2 – What are the Stress Systems in the Body and How They Impact Us

Week 3 – Different Types of Trauma and How We Work with Them

Week 4 – How Children Experience Trauma and the Impact on the Family and Professionals

Week 5 – Self-Regulation

Week 6 – Dysregulation and What to Do About It

ICFC Series 4 – Working with Diverse Parents: Reflective Practice, the Professional Self, and Partnering with Families

Week 1 – Diversity and the Impact of Culture in Professional Settings

Week 2 – Raising Families in Different Cultures

Week 3 – Navigating Cultural Differences: Children, Families, and Professionals

Week 4 – Defining and Enhancing Cross-Cultural Competence

Week 5 – Developing a Multi-Cultural Perspective

Week 6 – Cross-Cultural Communication: How We Actually Engage

ICFC Series 5 - Executive Functions: The Foundation for School Readiness, Academic Functioning, and Social Interactions

Week 1 – What Underlies School Readiness and Healthy Social Interactions

Week 2 – What Are Executive Functions and Why Are They So Important (School Readiness)?

Week 3 – Working Memory, Inhibition, and Mental Shifting

Week 4 – Derailment of Typical Development of Executive Functions: What It Looks Like and How to Work with It

Week 5 – Development of Emotional and Self-Regulation

Week 6 – Supporting Healthy Development of these Essential Skills